Archaeological Site Discovered!

The Artifacts Exhibit the Workmanship of Our Earliest Ancestors and "The Origins of  Stone Technology."

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​Discovery Facts"

1. The artifacts were all discovered within a 500ft.square area.

2. The sculptures are free standing with the main character image up-right.

3. The sculptures all have the eyes engraved in the perfect spot, which eliminates natural formation.

4. The site has been legally registered with the Missouri Archaeological Society = Smithsonian Site 23jp1222 MAS  Field Survey "OR66Z"

5. We have received Certificates of authentication from the IAGA on some of the tools.

6. Many of the tools also exhibit zoomorphic and anthropomorphic Images sculpted into the artifact, possibly as a form of personalization.

7. The site has produced many tools, weapons and sculptures. The site has yet to produce any arrowheads or artifacts linking the site to modern indians. All artifacts to-date appear to be of the Pleistocene Era and before.

8. The land is privately owned. Most of the artifacts have been surface collected. We did perform a test dig that resulted in more pre-historic scupltures.

9. The flaking and grinding techniques used in the creation of these artifacts is obvious even to the un-professional observer.

10.We are amateur/hobby archaeologists. We have had to self-educate ourselves throughout this entire discovery process.

11. The site has produced too many artifacts within too small of an area exhibiting too many zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images with the main character images upright and freestanding with the eyes in the perfect spot to accept natural formation.

12. The pre-historic artifacts are indeed authentic beyond the shadow of a doubt. ​